Ubumi partner NGOs in Zambia


Prisons Future Foundation is a non-governmental organisation working with prisoners' health, legal and human rights as well as reintegration. Read more on PFF implement the Ubumi Model in the three Kabwe correctional facilities: Mukobeko Maximum Security, Kabwe Medium and Kabwe Female correctional facilities.

In But Free

In But Free is a registered non-governmental organisation (NGO) working with prison communities in Zambia, Southern Africa in partnership with the Zambia Correctional Service and National AIDS Council. The organisation was initiated in 1995 with the main objective of promoting HIV and AIDS prevention in Zambian prisons using inmates and officers as key players in the intervention. IBF implement the Ubumi Model in Kamfinsa male and female prisons.

NZP+ Chipata Chapter

The Network of Zambian People Living with HIV/AIDS (NZP+ Chipata) is a district chapter organization for people living with HIV/AIDS which was established mainly to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV and AIDS by pursuing support, communication and representation of its members. The organization is an affiliate to the national office. The network is a non-profit making, non-governmental organization registered under Non- Governmental Organizations.


The chapter is a membership based organization with 2600 members in over 100 support groups. The organization has been operating since 1996 and it has offices around Zambia. Some years ago NZP+ had projects at Chipata prisons where we formed support groups for inmates and officers. We also built a barber shop for inmates and provided farming inputs for them as well as gardening tools. From April 2017 NZP+ is implementing Ubumi's succesful model for nutrition and health amongst children and seriously ill patients in prisons.

NZP+ Chipata Chapter implement the Ubumi Model in Chipata Male and Female correctional facilities.



CELIM is an Italian Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) committed to the international development cooperation. The mission of CELIM is to promote lasting progress of individual communities by sharing self-determination processes and training with interventions of fixed duration. In three words: impact to change. Education, Health, Agriculture, Environment conservation are the main fields of operation. Main field of actions are the following: basic and professional education, environment conservation, agriculture and agro forestry training, micro-credit to groups and cooperatives, food security through promotion of gardening, livestock and IGA’s, health and sexual education for HIV prevention, medical equipment and training for hospital staff, adult literacy, training of social operators.

From January 2016 CELIM is implementing "Improving health care and education services for women prisoners and circumstantial children through Human Rights promotion" project. The project duration is three years and is implemented in partnership with Caritas Zambia. CeLIM has a particular focus on capacity building and offers some of Ubumi's inmate volunteers trainings on health, nutrition and farming in both male and female prisons. In exchange, Ubumi helps with health and nutrition trainings which are particular to women and children. Both organisations benefit from knowledge sharing, coordination and mutual support to activities.

UP Zambia

UpZambia works with legal justice and social support of juveniles in the Zambian prisons. We work closely with them to coordinate efforts and optimise synergies. We have many common projects, such as the our recent reading glasses for prisoners event, where about 350 inmates received glasses, and music days with Zambian musicians.  Read more on

Ubumi Prisons Initiative works to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in prisons, the children aged 0-4 and the seriously ill.

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