Members and private contributors

We sincerely wish to thank all the private members and supporters who have supported and continue to support Ubumi Prisons Initiative. None of what we do could be possible without you.


Sincere thanks to our sponsors

The Obel Family Foundation

CISU - Civilsamfund i Udvikling

(DANIDA funds)

Bistrup Church

A special thank you also goes to the churches. Bistrup Church in particular has supported our efforts for a number of years now. We thank you for your support

Soroptimist International

Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA)

Jubilæumsfonden af 12.08.1973

Tandlægehuset Slangerup


Genbrug til syd

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Ubumi Prisons Initiative works to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in prisons, the children aged 0-4 and the seriously ill.

We save lives! Read more about our projects, and support our work. There are many ways of supporting!

Ubumi Prisons Initiative

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